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In April 2021, I worked with Seoul-based marketing company East Meets West to rebrand their global beauty festival initiative, KbeautyFest Global. The rebranding included a new brand guidelines manual and an extension asset suite for applications including social media, powerpoint templates, email campaigns, Instagram filters and so on.

KbeautyFest Global was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between what people commonly know about Korean beauty and the fantastic reality of what Kbeauty  can offer. KbeautyFest Global wants to provide a safe space, both online and offline, for their audience to explore the wonders and benefits of Kbeauty.


From the heart of Seoul, KbeautyFest Live is the ‘First ever Virtual K-Beauty Summit’, a convention where lovers of K-Beauty can interact with like-minded people and learn more about the products and industry from experts and influencers. 

With this intention in mind, I developed a brand design that was welcoming, comforting and visually reminiscent of skincare products. The core of this rebrand is the logomark, which can be interpreted as a water drop, a dollop of cream, a BeautyBlender make-up tool or a passionate flame.


Another innovation was the versatile pattern language, which can be flexibly and creatively used in design material. The addition of the pattern language reflects the customization and buildability of Kbeauty itself. 


Poster and social media post templates and examples.


Branding applications such as merchandise boxes, business cards, press kit and social media headers.


A selection of pages from the visual identity guidelines. 

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