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Motion Design, Interface Design, 2021

The hypothetical app "Godcast" is a place where users can listen to short-length audio episodes on their favourite Greek Gods.  The app acts as an encyclopaedia on anything you would ever want to know about the Gods of the Greek mythos - their histories, legendary stories, affairs etc.

Since this is primarily a motion design project, I focused more on the animation of the interactions and the visual look of the application, rather than actual user experience principles; hence why the app may not seem to be the most practical from a user perspective. I envisioned to give the application a video-game-esque feeling, through interactions such as the wheel, and the vector style of the character illustrations.


I decided on the 10 interactions I wanted for the interface, making basic wireframes to design from.


To create the vector character portraits, I first made sketches of the gods on paper, and refined the drawings on Photoshop. After that, I created the vector portraits on Illustrator using the pen and brush tool, and shapebuilder tool.


Before creating the final animation, I produced styleframes of what the application should look like visually. This conveys the feel and style of what I envision for the app. 

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