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Logo Design & Branding, 2021

"WEEKDAY is a Swedish street/fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style... offering a unique retail experience and a curated mix of women’s and men’s assortments as well as a small selection of external brands."

-, description, May 2021.

Brand Values:

  • Weekday clothing is representative of cool, urban fashion, categorised by a mix of wardrobe staples and artistic statement pieces

  • Scandinavian style with millennial twist, and attention to authenticity through in-store screen printing and interactions with audience on social media

  • Most well-known for their denim and organic cotton jeans

  • Special attention to sustainability and using recycled materials, with specific climate goals for the brand

This is a rebranding concept. After conducting thorough research on Weekday's brand, including their brand story, mission, history, context, audience, competitors and visual identity, I set the intention to repackage Weekday into something fun, original and contemporary, reflecting their experimental and youthful fashion products and setting them apart from other mid-level high street brands.


Several pages from the rebranded Weekday Visual Identity Guidelines:

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