Typography Explorations

Illustration, Storyboarding, Typography 2022

I have been interested in hand lettering ever since I was a kid. I really enjoy discovering new forms and appearances for different letters, and devising clever interpretations and ways to express their meaning. I like experimenting with the words themselves, and bringing in additional elements like containers or decorative icons to add another dimension to their design. This page showcases my small projects and explorations of typography.

Wei Shen Me (為什麼)

Below is an animation project called "Wei Shen Me (為什麼)" that I was exploring for a while. The title means "Why" and I wanted to express a thought that always lingered in my mind, relating to my mental health. The whole phrase that is animated is "為什麼不愛自己?", which means "Why don't you love yourself?". For me, hand lettering and bringing characters to life is a very therapeutic and cathartic activity. I love to use words and speak words and know words, and words clearly hold a lot of power and importance in our daily lives. I like to bring our speech or thoughts to life through typography.

Recently, I have become interested in exploring Chinese characters and calligraphy. Knowing another language opens up an abundance of opportunities and characters to explore and manipulate. As an individual born and raised in Hong Kong, I am very proud of my culture and language. Chinese is a language that looks extremely different from English characters and I am very intrigued by the vast differences between English, Chinese and Cantonese in its structure and appearance for the same expressions. For example, the word "why" in English looks like this - 為什麼 - in Mandarin Chinese, and - 點解 - in Cantonese. The difference in number of characters and complexity is very fascinating to me and I love to juxtapose English and Chinese words and hand lettering in my work.



In a separate exploration, I wanted to put all my negative and ruminating thoughts onto paper. The overarching theme of these thoughts are loneliness, anxiety and uncertainty. I intended for the piece to be risograph printed, hence the limited color palette.