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Skincare Routine

Illustration, 2020

Skincare is a form of luxury - not everyone can afford the money or time invested into purchasing and using skincare, and the feeling that comes with routinely using a set of skincare products to nourish oneself is soothing and well, luxurious.

I am fascinated by the contrast of the pleasantness of using skincare with the socially constructed beauty standards that create the need for usage of skincare products. In recent years, there have been an influx of cosmetics and skincare brands, a number so great that the abundance of choice compared to necessity is almost ridiculous. And yet, shopping, choosing and using skincare products is an activity I willingly participate in and enjoy. Despite its obvious consumerist principles and market established on the practice of constructing insecurities, I find myself mesmerised by the beautiful branding, packaging and claims of these products. 

Skincare Routine is a visual documentation of the products I have purchased to tend to my skin and hair. I find that watercolour is an appropriate medium for the painting due to its watery and fluid qualities.

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