Illustration, 2022

My interior illustration for the senior publication on the theme of longing.

With the theme in mind, I sat down and thought about what I longed for in my life. Having been struggling with my mental health for a while, I realised that what I longed for are not physical things, but rather for peace and happiness, confidence and certainty, and most importantly, for the day that I love myself. I know it’s super cheesy but I first came up with an image of myself hugging my reflection through a mirror.

Eventually, that sketch turned into a girl snorkelling, searching for treasure under the ocean, looking for a certain something but encountering this magical mirror by chance instead. As she investigates the mirror and her reflection, a mermaid with her face, body and soul emerges and kisses her on the head.

It is clear to me that a lot of people might not have known what I was going for with this illustration without reading my explanation, and that is what I am most interested in. I want people to see the illustration, know the title/theme of "longing" and read their own story and interpretation into this piece. That is what makes making art fun for me.