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Experimentation in Motion & Sound

Motion Design, 2021

Animation of sound & music - a 20 second excerpt from Stoney Street by Amon Tobin.

Please turn sound on.


In this project, I thought a lot about how to convey sound visually, through different shapes, lines, colours, and the duration for which the shapes appear on screen. I was also inspired by Quayola's "PTA" project.

To start off the project, I listened to the sequences of Jazz, trying to identify and separate the musical instruments, including the saxophone, snare drum and hi-hat/cymbals, thinking also about the repetition of musical pieces in the segment, and crescendos and descendos. For the spontaneous lines used for Saxophone parts, I sat down in front of my sketchbook and drew out squiggles while humming the melody over and over again to myself, attempting to line up each note with one part of the line.

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