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Monday-Friday is an animation exploring objects of familiarity and comfort that come from a daily routine. Monday-Friday was selected to participate in DEMO Festival 2022, a motion design initiative, led by international branding agency STUDIO DUMBAR/DEPT®.


Monday-Friday was chosen from a submission pool of 5300 motion pieces from 1533 designers. The animation was shown for 24 hours in the public space in the Netherlands, representing the world’s best motion design.


At the time of conception, I had a daily routine of visiting my favorite cafe in Bushwick. I loved the welcoming environment of the cafe, but even more so appreciated the intimate details that were integral to the quality of my experience there.


The illustration is greatly inspired by the motion work of BUCK studio. I aimed to step outside of my previous feminine and anime-inspired illustration style and explore a different style and neutral color palette.

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