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Chef Royale

Game art direction, game concept, digital asset creation, 2020

In a mystical kingdom, you are a chef that cooks for the royal family. Due to the critical food shortage, you have a very scarce collection of ingredients in the castle. In order for your and the royal family's survival, you must curate a team of chefs from the characters you meet, venture out into the post-apocalyptic climate, and search for ingredients while fighting and hiding from monsters that lurk outside the confines of the royal mansion. Uncover secrets about the royal family as you advance in the game, choose who to defend and who to challenge, strategise your decisions and moves till you find a way of safety and peace for the kingdom.


Genre: Story-based, tactical RPG, Platform game

Target Audience: Young adults or adults

Platform: Nintendo Switch

I designed two mock-up screens - a platform gameplay screen, and a victory screen. I implemented the proper GUI in these screens and produced the additional assets I thought were appropriate for the display.

Chef Royale has the curating and adventurous element of Pokemon, the story-based and quest-oriented element of Fire Emblem, and the platforming and action of Cuphead. Its visual elements are inspired by Cooking Mama, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and Food Fantasy.

Close-up of digital assets:

Close-up of Characters:


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